But he was now the reason behind him, and he was not the man who tolerated pride, even politely disguised. If a stranger offers you the same services, reject him positively but politely and thank him at the same time. Gibson thanked Mufamadi for what he called polite and friendly conversations and expressed hope for future cooperation in the fight against crime. “If that`s what you call polite, I`d hate to see what you think is rude.” The general met them, politely listened to their words of submission, and then refused the keys with a wave of his hand. The adjective poli comes from the old French word curteis, which means “polite attitude or manners”. Courtly described the court – nobles hanging around the castle, the entourage of kings and queens. Their sophisticated manners, not to mention their wealth and power, set them apart from the masses. Thus, polite behavior is a reminder of the value of good manners. A police officer politely told us that the city`s main street would be closed for three hours for a Sunday School parade. The governor general politely suggested sending a grand bodyguard to his consulate, but this was not necessary.

. A label manual with references to courtesy and proper reproduction. . Be polite, be accommodating, but don`t give in to be melted away in favor of the tallow trade. In response, she received polite thanks for her messages, but not much else. Be sociable and polite is youth so that you will be honored in old age. The numerical value of politeness in Chaldean numerology is: 7 “If a man is gracious and polite to strangers, it shows that he is a citizen of the world” – Francis Bacon Shows respect or thoughts for others; Above all, to show good manners or etiquette. Then he exposed his head in polite recognition of youth and beauty, with apologies for his apparent intrusion.

But before I embarked on a polite battle of the mind with the Welsh puff, I had seen the famous silk torment torment the little Robing Room of Lincoln Castle with nerves before entering the bat against a second recognized evaluator of a judge. Etymology: [OE. cortais, corteis, cortois, rarely corteous, OF. corties, corteis, F. courtois. See Court.] Hagar`s Daughter: A History of the Southern Caste Rule of Prejudice 6: A General Rule; Being polite is probably applicable in most F2F and online situations. Characterized by courtesy and graceful good manners In the online post, Liu was described as polite and hardworking. When you are polite, your good manners show kindness and attention to others, such as your polite habit of holding the door for people entering a building with you. courteous manners; in relation to or expression of courtesy; characterized by courtesy; Civil; obligatory; well mannered; polite; sociable; Then the merchant politely approached her and saw that she was miraculous, beautiful and kind, especially since she knew the Arabic language; and he said to that.. .