#2. Contract Documents: Describes all important project documents that the contractor and subcontractors will use as guidelines throughout the project. These include; the contract statutes, the contractual conditions that accompany it, the signatures of contracts drawn up by the architect and engineers, the building descriptions drawn up by the planning team and the contractual quantities, which break down the scope of services and the prices of building materials. # 5. Insurance: Learn more about the insurance coverage that each party must purchase to protect against liabilities. For example, you can ask the contractor to purchase an all-risk insurance policy from the contractor that adequately covers all typical risks. (Read this article on how to prevent looting of your building materials). #3. Contract Price: It indicates the agreed price for the contractor`s commissioning with the construction project, and then explains the circumstances that may or may not affect the final price during and after construction.

# 7. Site Ownership and Work Program: This section specifies when construction is to begin, the construction time, who will own the site during the project, and which parties will be allowed to have access to the construction. And yes, in case you`re wondering, these services don`t just apply to developers – Integrum is open to representing entrepreneurs. Assistance with tendering, contract negotiations, procurement planning, construction management, subcontractor management, project cost tracking, schedule planning, payment applications, cash flow management and contract management. To top it off, we also presented model contracts for contractors for private and public projects and the accompanying contractual conditions. You can use them as templates to develop the contractual agreement and terms of your project. The main objective of construction contracts is to streamline delivery and lead all key stakeholders to the successful implementation of the project. Therefore, it goes without saying that the accompanying conditions must be as explicit as possible so as not to leave room for ambiguity or hypotheses. (Find out how not to invest in real estate in Kenya). One place where you can find a complete construction contract for your construction project in Kenya is JBCC.

# 6. Performance bond: The performance bond clause sets out the contractor`s obligations to provide a bank or insurance company – as security that it will perform its obligations accordingly during the term of the construction contract. In general, these performance guarantees are accompanied by a guarantee of approximately 10% of the total value of the contract. ADD TO CLAUSE 5.1 (h)The form of the agreement refers to the latest edition of document 4 of the Kenya Association of Civil Building Contractors (KABCEC). The expected duration of the contract for all the work is based on the subcontracting agreement (KABCEC). # 14. Termination of the contract: This is the clause that contains guidelines for the early termination of the contract by one of the parties. # 11.

Variations: The Variations section should include guidelines on how to manage changes in design, materials or work during and after construction. Here is the model recommended by the JBCC for the construction contract agreement: Contractual conditions – refers to the contractual conditions in the main services and the terms of the subcontract as described in the subcontract agreement (KABCEC). #10. Payments: Here you clarify the payment procedure that will be made before, during and after the completion of the construction work. Construction contracts usually even include the details of the contractor`s accompanying payment certificates – including intermediate certificates, certificates of practical completion, certificate of production of good defects, and certificate of completion. The following documents are also part of the contract; as stated in clause 2, i.e. the agreement – The final agreement and subcontracting conditions for construction work by the Kenya Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (KABCEC) signed between the prime contractor and the subcontractor. Is there a specific source of construction contract agreements in Kenya? Maybe a website to download a construction contract agreement template? Or should you simply design your terms from scratch based on what you expect from your employer/contractor? As such, it sets out the conditions for cooperation between the two parties, including the responsibilities of the employer and the contractor.

And to give you an idea of what to expect, here`s a brief summary of the basic conditions that come with construction contracts. The JBCC Charter is usually accompanied by the following terms and conditions: The agreement and contract terms for construction services – This document is the result of our joint efforts with the Architectural Association of Kenya. (You can also read the guidelines for building the Kenyan diaspora.) Well, make no mistake about it. .