Learn more about the dilemma of unpaid caregivers and the national shift in long-term care preferences in the latest press articles from industry resources such as Open Minds and the Wall Street Journal “She was so happy to have contacted Angel Anderson when she called. She says that the angels were sent from heaven! Angel took the time to help her by researching the ongoing issues, finding the problem, and fixing them all. She says Angel took more time to explain what caused the problem to make sure it wouldn`t happen again in the future. She says people like Angel are hard to find and we`re happy to have them. Good work angel !! “Hector was excellent and took care of all my problems. Thank you very much! PPL helps Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) review applications and distribute approved funds for the Oregon Emergency Rent Assistance Program (OERAP) to specific counties. Learn more on our OERAP information page! “The seller wanted us to know that Yahayra needed to be recognized. She guided her through the process and was very patient with her and she wanted to make sure Yahayra knew she was grateful to have worked with her today! “Christina was very calm and helpful. She knew what she was doing and was very competent. She took care of my problems and took care of me and didn`t keep me on the phone forever.

“Tonia was amazing and really an asset. I have been trying to fix the file since March, but no solution and Tonia stayed on track and gave results. She is an asset to your team and her customer service skills are dynamite. I want a letter added to his personal file because he is someone I want to hire myself for my company. If you`re a federal, state, or local agency that wants to distribute funds based on the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) or other incentives such as the Homeowners Assistance Fund, click here to learn how PPL can help. If you`re looking for freelance moderators or other service providers, the California Self-Determination Network can help. Read more! “Darnell was very helpful. He explained everything and was very accommodating. “Kevin is a top shooter! He helped me with a technical problem and he was a great agent.

It was wonderful and should get a raise! “Darnell is very patient, helpful, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. This is all new to me and I felt lost, but Darnell told me where to go, and now I have access to the portal. I am very grateful for the wonderful customer service I received today and hope to be able to speak to the same agent again. “Olga is the most polite customer service representative I have been allowed to talk to and is very knowledgeable, patient and dedicated. So I wanted to share their exceptional service. “Paula was amazing. Paula should be a role model for other employees. “Elizabeth did a great job of taking the time to explain step by step how I can register my transportation to get paid for it.

I enjoy talking to Elizabeth because she has good manners. “Maritza was so kind, so kind, very polite and she is fabulous. Maritza is also at the forefront of everything. “I was working with Alan all the time. He is fabulous. He solved my pay problem for me. He called me every week to check and follow up on the case. In the end, I almost felt like he was part of my family.

» Did you miss the free webinar on the US bailout and a provision to increase the FMAP for HCBS from April 1, 2021? No problem! It is now available for download, so you can watch it on demand! Download the webinar “I would like to thank Svetlana for her wonderful customer service. She was very patient and was able to help me with my EVV dilemma. I had a hard time checking in and out in the EVV app and I guess I pressed the wrong buttons. However, Svetlana guided me step by step through the process and now I could log in. I appreciate them so much for their help. “Elizabeth was wonderful, absolutely wonderful! Elizabeth was professional and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with her. “Kevin is a high quality agent. He was able to solve my timesheet problem online. He is very nice. You have a great person on your team. He made my day.

“Steve provided me with excellent customer service. Thank you, Steve! “Mary G would like to thank Chris for his attention and patience in solving his problem with the time entries. She accidentally logged out before she could use the survey, so she wanted to make sure he was recognized for the excellent service he had provided. Find out how self-directed home care is the safest long-term health care available. Learn more. “Margarette from the PPP program in New Jersey wanted to educate everyone about the excellent customer service she received from Nahdya today. She appreciated the fact that Nahdya stepped up her appeal so that her problem could be solved immediately. She also appreciated the fact that Nahdya alerted the supervisor to the problem during the transfer so that the participant did not have to repeat it. Nahdya provided the kind of service you should expect.

Public partnerships| PPL supports you and your family in this decision to stay in your home and community. Because Medicaid law prohibits direct cash payments in most states, our role as a Financial Management Service Provider (FMS) is to assist you in your role as employer of your own auxiliaries. We`ll help you hire and pay for your choice of staff and support services, all within your customized state-approved spending budget and local rules. We are the biggest with 20 years of experience. “I want to give Kristie accessories to get to the root of this problem after many phone calls and discussions with PPL over the past 2 weeks. They have a very valuable collaborator in Kristie and I hope she will be recognized for that. “Francisca is so detailed that she breaks everything down so perfectly and easily understandable. I can`t be happier and more grateful to have them. When the call was disconnected, I was so sad to think that I couldn`t reach her anymore. This young woman immediately called her back, apologized and helped me. This is the best service ever! “I wanted to express the shared happiness of working with Erika, who solved my concerns about some issues and a pleasure. It is a pleasure to work with Erika and it has been a great help.

They have a wonderful agent who has made life a little easier. ».