Dear Class XI students: Here is the summary of the expression of approval and disagreement in the previous discussion. To express your approval or disapproval, you can use the following expressions: 4. What expresses weak or uncertain agreement on something? Complete the following dialog box with your own opinion using the expressions above. The appropriate phrase for the above sentence is . 5. What expression clearly indicates that you share an opinion and that you are not stating a fact? 3. What expression shows that you completely agree with what someone just said? 6. Odi: I think English is a very difficult language to learn. EXERCISE 1 Choose the correct answer to the following questions. 5. Tanaka: Have you heard that Mr. Chan has been promoted to Regional Director? Jill: It`s a nice jacket anyway. I am satisfied with the model.

7. Mother: Television has a negative impact on children. Omura: I think he`s a good person for this position. 2. Chen: I`m thinking about going camping on my next vacation. What do you think? 1. Vina: Do you think surfing the Internet is difficult? The grades are excellent, but the exercises have some grammatical errors. 6) Tom: What do you think of our new batik uniform on Friday? Dea: Mm. I don`t think so. We just need more practice. Father: That`s exactly my opinion. We should limit their time for television.

. 3) No: Smoking is allowed in public places. 10. What can you say to settle an argument or end a discussion that is getting too heated? Bob: No, ….. because it`s better than the previous one. Vivi:…………………………………….. Steven: Do you believe that? You just need to practice every day and it will be very easy. 7) Darby: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 8. If someone says “Exactly!” after you share an opinion, it means they are _____ with you. 5) Mickey: Teachers should not give homework to students.

6. When you say “I couldn`t agree with you anymore”, it means that you 4) Alex: What do you think of the idol singing contest these days? 1. If you agree with someone, it means that you have ___ 9. What can you say if someone interrupts you before you finish your point of view? 8. Lea: I think the music of `Dangdut` is only suitable for the villagers. Keiko:. because his experience and his educational background are great and fantastic. . Sam: I`m afraid you`re wrong. It has become popular, even high-class people like Dangdut very much.

Jane: Yes, …………….. I like the model. We`d better order again next year. 2) Ali: Everyone has the right to express their opinion. 3. Bill: Do you agree that the new school regulations are disappointing? 2. What is better to listen to people who agree and disagree?. . .